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Zahle - Al Qadri Al Kabir Hotel


In the throbbing heart of Brazil street in the town of Zahle, 54 Km from the capital Beirut, Grand Hotel Kadri is a five stars hotel situated on the famous Berdawni river of the Bekaa valley.

A 40-minute drive from the ancient Roman ruins of Baalbeck, Anjar and many others, the Hotel is conveniently located a minute walk from downtown Zahle and from Bardouni restaurants a name synonymous with Lebanon's famous mezze and the delights of outdoor dining.

Al Qadri Al Kabir Hotel

The rooms overlook the spectacular Berdawni River, or the reviving valley of Sannine providing a relaxing and homey atmosphere.

The hotel includes 105 outstanding rooms, with en-suite bathrooms with direct dial telephones with international lines, color TVs with satellite programming and local channels, individually controlled air-conditioning, mini-bars, 24-hour room service and a laundry service.

Among these rooms, nine are executive suites with multi-functional sitting , six are presidential suites offering exclusive facilities with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a large sitting room.





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