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Zahle, General View From Tal Shiha Statue  
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Zahle - Houch Al Zarani



 Zahle - Houch Al Zarani



Housh El-Zarani Housh El-Zarani is located near the post office on the east side of the river. In past centuries this housh, or market area, was a conglomerate of khans (caravansaries), craft center and shops. Here shoemakers, woodworkers weavers, copper workers and saddle makers plied their trades. It was also an important commercial center where vendors sold agricultural and industrial products.


Government Serail

Many of the old buildings, embellished by carved ceilings, vaulted interiors and decorated façades, still stand. Today these structures are somewhat obscured by modern shopfronts, but projects are afoot to restore the area. In the meantime you can still discover a taste of old Zahlé here.





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